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Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Entry Level 3/Level 1



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15 hours per week



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What does this course involve?

Broadstairs Campus

You will learn basic salon skills such as customer service, preparing and maintaining salon equipment and shampooing and conditioning.

You can look forward to the chance to work in a Salon Academy training environment with external customers.

Dover Campus

You will learn how to care for your own personal hygiene and grooming. You will develop techniques to care for yourself and gain an understanding of hair, beauty and hygiene products.

This course will teach you a broad range of practical hair and beauty skills and techniques involved in creating a total look. You will also have the opportunity to select from a range of technical optional units including: personal care and hygiene, paint your own nails, care for your own skin, care for your own hands, apply your own make-up, blow-dry and finish your own hair, and shampoo and condition your own hair.

Also included in the optional section of this course are units that support learners practical work such as; introduction to the hair and beauty sector, care and hygiene in the salon and communication skills.

Folkestone Campus

You will gain an understanding of the hair and beauty industry, this course will teach you a broad range of practical hair and beauty skills, such as shampoo and conditioning, skin care, basic make up and plating and twisting.

Progression Curriculum Study Programmes have been designed in such a way that if you are not sure which vocational area you would like to study in, you will have the chance to move and sample a different area at various points in the year. You will work towards external accreditation in employability skills and a vocational qualification.

This Study Programme will include English and maths at an appropriate level, and it will support the development of skills towards employability and suitability to progress on to the next level of study.



What qualifications do I need?

This course is a combination of Entry 3 and Level 1 depending on your entry requirements. If you have no formal qualifications you will work towards and Entry 3 qualification which will enable you to progress to Level 1 the following year. This will give you more time to improve you maths and English to enable you to meet the entry requirements needed to progress to Level 2.


You will learn through practical demonstrations, and assessment will be through written and practical work.

Fees & Costs

If you are 16-18yrs old at the start of the Study Programme, it will be free. There may be additional payments required for trips, visits and other materials. For adult learners (over 19) financial support towards the costs of your Study Programme may be available. Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare.

Uniform £75 approx
Commodities £20

Please contact Support Services for confirmation of all Study Programme fees quoted:

Broadstairs Campus - 01843 605062 (or e-mail

Please note: For those claiming state working age benefit this course is classed as part-time.


On successful completion you could progress onto our Level 2 programme.

Courses Levels: 
Level 1

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