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Discovery Pre Entry / Entry 1



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Weekly hours:

  • Year 1: Monday - Thursday 9am – 3.30 Friday 9am – 2pm
  • Year 2: 4 days per week
  • Year 3: 3 days per week



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What does this course involve?

The curriculum will be delivered from our specialist facilities which include a Sensory room and flat where students gain valuable life skills including care and safety within the home, shopping and cooking.

We work in partnership with social workers and health professionals and use the Visual Strategies Approach, students follow individual schedules within their sessions.

All students will take part in our Community weeks which take place twice a year working alongside local charities and organisations, to help and support our local community.

Once a term we will monitor, review and if required set new individualised targets.


What qualifications do I need?

Students who are working at pre entry / entry level 1.


Students will create a portfolio of work as evidence of their progress.

Fees & Costs

If you are 16-18yrs old at the start of the Study Programme, it will be free. There may be additional payments required for trips, visits and other materials. For adult learners (over 19) financial support towards the costs of your Study Programme may be available. Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare.

Please contact Support Services for confirmation of all Study Programme fees quoted:

Folkestone Campus 01303 858300 (or e-mail

Additional expenses to consider include travel training, café visits, and leisure outings which may require money on a regular basis.


If students are demonstrating that they are continuing to progress in their individual targets they can remain in Discovery for up to 3 years with a planned progression to Adult Social Care. Transition from school – To support the change from school to college staff will visit students in their current school and students can attend taster days at college.

Courses Levels: 
Level 1

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