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Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines



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This is a self-study course. Candidates will attend an induction session and will be provided with the course materials. Tutorial sessions may be arranged, if required, by agreement between the candidate and tutor.



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What does this course involve?

This Programme is suitable for those working in health care who wish to enhance their knowledge of the safe handling of medicines. It would also be useful to some nursing staff as a reminder of the core principles of this area.

You will develop an understanding and awareness of the safe handling of medicines, as well as the classifications of, and how to find information on drugs.

You will study: Understanding medication and prescriptions, supplying, storing and disposing of medication, Understanding the requirements for the safe administration of medication, record keeping and audit processes for medication administration and storage, knowledge of the procedures for obtaining, storing and disposing of medicines, an understanding of the legislation surrounding the supply and storage of medicine, and an awareness of the importance of responsibility, accountability and confidentiality in handling medicines.

Candidates should note that this Programme aims to provide them with the knowledge and understanding of the safe handling of medicines, it does not accredit them with a qualification of the validation to handle or administer medicines.


What qualifications do I need?

There are no formal entry requirements but candidates will take an initial Literacy assessment prior to starting the programme, as a basic level of Literacy is required in order to complete the assessments.


You will be assessed through the completion of a workbook.

Fees & Costs

All prices quoted are given as a guide, and may be subject to change. Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such a travel, equipment and childcare. The fees for this course are payable by all learners. The College policy regarding remission of fees does not apply to this course.

Please contact Support Services on 01843 605062 (or e-mail for confirmation of all course fees quoted.

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