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Introduction to National Curriculum Computing (Secondary)



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What does this course involve?

The course will introduce you to a variety of systems and software that can be used to meet the requirements and help you develop the skills and understanding to deliver National Curriculum Computing successfully. The course will start by de-mystifying some of the jargon associated with computing before moving on to examine different software that can be used to deliver the coding elements of the National Curriculum. You will also have the opportunity to carry out some simple programming activities in a variety of programming languages and environments. We will then consider ways in which the non-coding elements could be delivered. There will be the opportunity to examine a variety of different software to support delivery of the National Curriculum requirements.


What qualifications do I need?

No previous knowledge is required.


No formal assessment.

Fees & Costs

Fees for this course are payable in full. For adult learners (over 19) financial support towards the costs of your Study Programme may be available.

Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare.

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