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Getting Started with your Business Website.



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3 hour short course.



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What does this course involve?

This course introduces the features of business web sites and the ways in which a web presence can be used to develop a business. Attendees will be encouraged to formulate some ideas about their own web presence and consider the design of a business web site.

The course will start by de-mystifying some of the jargon associated with web sites. You will be given some examples of web sites and the good and bad features will be explained. You will be able to consider the importance of design in web pages and issues of usability and accessibility.

In the second session you will be supported in developing your own requirements for a business web page, identifying the main design features and activities you would like included.


What qualifications do I need?

No previous knowledge is expected, but the ability to use a computer to access the Internet would be helpful.


There is no formal assessment or examination for this course.

Fees & Costs

All prices quoted are given as a guide, and may be subject to change. Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare. The fees for this course are payable by all learners. The College policy regarding remission of fees does not apply to this course.

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This course will enable you to set-up your own business website.

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