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Entry Level 2 - Towards Independence and Work



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Weekly hours:

Full-time five days a week.



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What does this course involve?

This Study Programme includes maths and English as well as lessons in community awareness, personal care, cooking and home skills. The Study Programme includes one day a week supported work placement


What qualifications do I need?

You must be working at or achieved a minimum of Entry 1.


Assessment will be continuous in all areas throughout the programme. It is an expectation that certain skills learnt at College are transferred into the home and local community using parents/carers as partners approach.

Fees & Costs

Additional expenses to consider include travel training, café visits, and leisure outings which may require money on a regular basis.

Uniform costs: this may be required dependent on placement.

If you are 16-18yrs old at the start of the Study Programme, it will be free. There may be additional payments required for trips, visits and other materials. For adult learners (over 19) financial support towards the costs of your Study Programme may be available. Eligible students may be able to get help with course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare.

Please contact Support Services on 01843 605062
(or email for confirmation of all Study Programme fees quoted.


On successful completion you could progress on to Towards Independence and Work or LINK 2.

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