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Art and Design at The EDGE School of Creative and Business - Level 2



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15 hours a week



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What does this course involve?

You’ll learn by working in teams on a range of creative industry projects such as photography, filmmaking, 3D Products/ sculptures/ models, advertising campaigns, graphics and illustration. You will develop a range of professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Assessment will be by building a portfolio of project work and externally examined units of study.

Your Study Programme will include English and maths at an appropriate level, and it will support the development of skills towards employability and suitability to progress onto the next level of study.


What qualifications do I need?

4 Ds or 3s including English and maths or a relevant full level 1.


Assessment will be through a combination or practical, written, and presentation assignments. This is a mainly practical programme using research and written work as supporting evidence and development of knowledge and understanding. Continual assessments occur throughout the course. Maths and English are exam based subjects.

Fees & Costs

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you are 16-18yrs old at the start of the Study Programme, it will be free. There
may be additional payments required for trips, visits and other materials. For
adult learners (over 19) financial support towards the costs of your Study
Programme may be available. Eligible students may be able to get help with
course related costs such as travel, equipment and childcare.

Please contact Support Services for confirmation of all Study Programme fees
quoted: Folkestone Campus – 01303 858300 (or email
Please note: for those claiming state working age benefit this course is classed
as part-time.


On successful completion, you could progress on to a Level 3 programme in Art and Creative Design, Photography, Computing, Business or Film and Video Production and Technology.

Courses Levels: 
Level 2

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